To and from

Norrköping Airport is located just a few minutes from central Norrköping and perfect located between the cities of Nyköping and Linköping. Excellent communications with the high-way E4 cutting through the region makes it easy to reach Norrköping airport.

Norrköping and Linköping are the main cities in the East Sweden region. To Finspång it takes about 30 min with a car.

By car

Norrköping Airport is just 3 km from central Norrköping on the E22 and Söderleden highways, which feed into the E4 highway.

GPS coordinates

Latitud: 58 34 58.14342
Longitud: 16 13 57.56737


By taxi

A taxi between the airport and central Norrköping costs about SEK 140-170.

Here are a few of Norrköping’s taxi companies:

Norrköpings Taxi

+46 11 100 100

Taxi Kurir

+46 11 14 00 00

Vikbolands Taxi

+46 11 16 00 00

Taxi Klimatsmart

+46 11 MILJO

By bus

here is no direct bus to Norrköping Airport but there are a few that passes by.

From Söder Tull

Bus 116 bus stop Smedbygatan (1km from Norrköping Airport)

From Resecentrum

Bus 440/441/444 bus stop Flygplatsen (200m from Norrköping Airport)

Passengers from outside Norrköping

Bus traffic in Norrköping is run by Östgötatrafiken. You can travel all the way from Tranås/Mjölby/Linköping to a bus stop close to Norrköping Airport on one ticket.

Use Östgotatrafikens journey planner (only available in Swedish) or Resrobot which is available in English.

From Norrköping airport to the city

You have to walk to one of the bus stops nearby and from there take the bus in to the city center.